Friday, November 04, 2005

"Heated" Debate "Erupts" Over My Previous Post

It seems the mechanics of misinformation have been cranked up to full gear. The very same day that I posted my "The South Tower Impact Videos - So 'Realistic' That They Belong in Hollywood" article, there started an effort to 'debunk' the claims that I had made in it, which is rather telling on many levels.

I stated that it was a 'Smoking' Gun piece of evidence and it must be just that, else why the effort to 'Nip it in the Bud' so to speak or "Let's get this "jet fuel doesn't explode like that" thing settled..."

There must be a reason for people to be so desperate to 'debunk' my opinion, an unknown, near anonymous little blogger and forum poster?

Hmmm, I wonder what that could possibly be?

Can you spot the inferno? (note that one of these buildings supposedly has 4,000+ gallons of jet fuel burning in it)

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More WTC pics:

More Madrid Tower pics:


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