Thursday, November 03, 2005

The South Tower Impact Videos - So 'Realistic' That They Belong in Hollywood

I am going to assume that if you reading this, that you are aware of some of the anomolies that have been discussed about 'Flight 175', if not, check here.There are plenty of videos available on the 'net and in documentary VHS/DVD movies that show several angles of the 'impact' of 'Flight 175' into the WTC South Tower. These videos contain what appears to be a plane approaching, banking and crashing into the South Tower, though none of them provide a very clear view of the plane.

This is the intent of these videos, to make you pay attention to the plane. This will cause you to spend many hours studying the structure, shadow and outline of the plane, all the while, missing the 'Big Bang' so to speak. This is an old magician's trick, HOCUS-POCUS, CHANGE THAT FOCUS. In doing so, you are going to miss the sleight-of-hand that is about to occur.

Click here if you want to watch videos of the WTC 'impact'.

The proof of the trickery is not so much 'in plane sight' (sorry I just couldn't resist), as the proof appears after the plane is out of sight.

It is the gigantic 'fireball' that the magicians DID NOT want you to notice, even though it was sure to catch your eye. Now, I know, you're thinking How could anyone not notice that fireball? Well of coarse you were supposed to see it, you just weren't supposed to pay any attention to it, as it is self-evident of why it occurred, or is it?

How many of you have seen the news footage that day or watched videos of it later and gasped or cried out "NO!","Holy Shit" or put your hand over your mouth in near shock? Was it while watching the plane flying over the city or was it after you witnessed the 'Big Bang'?

Watching a plane fly by is not a traumatic event, nor does it illicit a strong emotional response, but watching a 20 floor fireball explode out of the side of building in an otherwise serene setting is going to 'Shock & Awe' almost all the witnesses to that event.

It was this emotional shock that caused most to miss one of those critical little details that would expose the scam.

The fireball that erupted from the South Tower is the proverbial 'Smoking Gun' that proves that what we have been told happened and what actually happened are VERY different indeed.

This fireball has all the characteristics of the Special F/X used to create giant explosions for many actions movies.
  • there is a big orange flash
  • there is a rapidly expanding 'fireball'
  • there is heavy black smoke
  • little structural damage to the 'affected' area
  • there is relatively little fire left behind once the 'fireball' has dissipated
The problem with trying to imitate a hydrocarbon based fire with SF/X material is quite simple, kerosene being a liquid doesn't actually burn, only the fumes rising from its surface burn. This is also why gasoline fires can be so hard to put out, putting water on it causes it to spread out (water is heavier so the gasoline will sit on top of the water) creating more surface area for the fumes to escape which in turn becomes fuel that enlarges the fire.

I can assure that hydrocarbons do not behave in the way the fireball at the WTC did. There should have been walls of fire streaming out of that building, if it had had a burning airliner inside of it. Every surface that was splashed would have become an inferno, not the few small fires that were visible in the seconds after the 'fireball'.

Here is a video that shows how REAL airliners loaded with hydrocarbon based fuel behaves upon crashing:
This video shows a tanker truck exploding at a gas station:

That old black magic has me in its spell
That old black magic that you weave so well


Anonymous Akareyon said...


I'm doing research on the fireball and inevitably landed on your blog. Are you still active, did you follow the trail?

I hacked together a quick script to compute max diameters of hydrocarbon fireballs according to empirical research:

I'd love to hear your opinion!

So long, Aka

Wednesday, April 01, 2015 9:46:00 AM  

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