Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is it Live? Or is it Memerex?

According to

dé·jà vu

1. Psychology The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.
a. An impression of having seen or experienced something before: Old-timers watched the stock-market crash with a distinct sense of déjà vu.
b. Dull familiarity; monotony: the déjà vu of the tabloid headlines.

[French : déjà, already + vu, seen.]

Here is a link to 3 video clips (in a zip file) or as streams exec1.wmv ind1.wmv arm1.wmv taken from movies made several years before 9/11. I recommend that you watch them in this order,
  1. exec1.wmv
  2. ind1.wmv
  3. arm1.wmv
this will put events from the clips in a more fluid chronological order.

After you have watched the videos, we can now compare 'artwork' to 'reality'.

Starting with the clip From Executive Decision, a movie about a hijacking, supposedly done to free a 'terrorist' leader from custody.

Zacarias Moussaoui recently confessed to a plot to attack the White House, to get the release of sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman.

The hijacker in the cockpit turns off the transponder (the console to left of the co-pilot's lap). On 9/11, the supposed hijackers also turned off the transponders.

The hijackers have brought their own pilot. On 9/11, those believed to be the supposed hijackers also brought their own pilots.

The intelligence analyst thinks that the plane is to be used as "one man's attack on america." On 9/11 the media was already blaming one man, USAma bin Oswald. The President's Daily Brief (August 6, 2001), the infamous "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US," PDB, refers to the possibity of hijackings by USAma bin Oswald's henchmen.

The maker of the bomb aboard the plane is tied to Iraq, as a former nuclear scientist for Saddam. After 9/11 the attacks were blamed on USAma bin Oswald and he was then linked to Saddam Hussein.

Moving on to the clip from Independence Day, a movie about a surprise attack by aliens.

The laptop displays a countdown, which shows 9:11. 9/11 is the date of a surprise attack by 'aliens'.

The President's approval rating is at an all time low and he just happens to be an ex-fighter pilot. Prior to 9/11, pResident Bush's approval ratings were at a low point and he is also an ex-fighter pilot.

The President takes part in the final battle against the aliens. The pResident lands on aircraft carriers with "Mission Accomplished" banners and says "Bring 'Em On."

And finally the clip from Armageddon, which is about an asteroid that is going to hit Earth.

The cab driver states that the traffic jam may have been caused by a terrorist's bomb. On 9/11, all bridges and tunnels to Manhattan were closed except for emergency vehicles.

Cabbie states "We at war. Saddam Hussein is bombing us.", as meteor impacts strike NYC and just before showing the WTC impacted by a meteor and both towers heavily damaged. After 9/11, America went to war with Iraq.

This impact sequence is also where I obtained the screenshot used in my 9/11 Synchronicities That You May Have NOT Noticed post. I suggest that you go back and take another look at that picture and what it seems to show.

There seems to be many parallels to works of fiction and the events of 9/11, almost as if someone were copycatting what they had seen in movies and read in books.

Speaking of copycats, there also just happens to be a movie with that title, which carries the tagline, One man is copying the most notorious killers in history one at a time. Together, two women must stop him from killing again. Or they're next.

How about this for a movie "9/11 Copycat", One man is copying the most notorious Hollywood blockbuster scripts in history, ALL at ONE time.


Blogger War On Suckers said...

I'd love to watch the clips you've refered to but it dosen't seem possible without signing in.

Perhaps that nasty UTube service would be a good way to show clips. I say nasty as capturing clips from UTube is difficult.

Thursday, July 06, 2006 7:56:00 AM  
Blogger PerpetualYnquisitive said...

click the 3 video clips link, will take you to where you download the clips in .zip format

Thursday, July 06, 2006 10:07:00 AM  
Blogger Musclemouth said...

I was able to access the clips. Interesting connections. Yes, there does seem to be a theatrical quality to how 9/11 was pulled off. There does seem to be a certan air of ... the cliche? ... about the whole thing. Just very predictable, you know? From the terrorists with the boxcutters, to the targets that were chosen, to the proverbial Middle Eastern bad guys, even to Moussaouoi's defiant "I win, you lose" as he was escorted out of the court room with not a death sentence but a life sentence. It's all one big clicheed theater performance. Your clips made me think.

The parallels are very striking. One possible explanation for the 9:11 timers is the one you raised. Then I thought of this one: perhaps the filmmakers themselves purposely chose those numbers to appear on the clock, since the numbers 9-1-1 mean "Emergency". This is a universal concept across the United States. The filmmakers wanted to intensify the feeling of "emergency" for the audience.

If that is true, then perhaps whoever planned the 9/11 attacks were thinking the same thing. They may not have been copying the movies; instead they may just have had the same idea as the filmmakers.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:35:00 AM  
Blogger PerpetualYnquisitive said...

war on suckers, if you use Firefox, you can get Unplug or VideoDownLoader extensions that will allow you to easily save files from UTube etc.

Start Firefox, click Tools, click Extensions. A box will pop-up, click Get More Extensions in the lower right hand side. This will take you to the Firefox extension page. Browse, install, enjoy.

musclemouth, interesting perspective, though I personally don't believe that most movie makers had any idea about 9/11 in advance, it is more likely the perps incorporated details that they picked up from books/movies.

3 Days of The Condor (1975), is a movie that has this as a theme. Joseph Turner spends his time looking through popular media to see if any CIA 'secrets' have been 'leaked' and for new ideas to incorporate into their own black Ops.

Take this scenario, someone kills your wife, in the exact manner that you have outlined in a fantasy entry in your diary, for they have read it.

Now do you think the police/prosecuters are ever going to be convinced that it was 'the one armed man' when they have seen the same scenario already plotted out and in your own handwriting?

While forensics may eventually clear you, the real killer still gets a major headstart with their getaway and you get to sit in a jail cell for weeks/months at best.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:00:00 AM  

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