Saturday, June 02, 2007

SOS: We $old Our $ouls For Cock & Bull.

Saturday's satisfying, satori saturated satire.

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Welcome to the church of Pur$enility.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Gatekeepers Are At It Again And The Volume Alone Proves That They Are Very, Very Afraid

Another year, another contrived 'controversy'.

It seems inevitable that the GKs would come back to this tactic sooner or later. Recently many of these shills have been using their their various platforms to smear a relatively small group of 9/11 researchers.

This almost seems to be a coordinated effort on the part of the GKs to keep their flocks in check. They have mounted repeated attacks against a very small and obscure group that have opinions that are not congruent with the information that the GKs DEMAND that their flocks blindly accept.

Why all the fuss? Why the major hoopala over the opinions of a small group of people that could hardly fill a city bus?


The GKs are in fear of their tenacious hold on their flocks being broken and that they will lose all control over these masses and therefore their ability to mobilize them in useless "activism" activities, such as boycotting Walmart or marching around the U.N. building.

Wow, what an awesome way to get a 'dig' against the 9/11 perps, boycott Walmart.

Please people, IMHO, you have got to be absolutely incapable of critical though to really believe that actions such as this will in any way, shape or form intimidate the people responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Over and over these GKs scream to the rafters that any 'alternate theories' will discredit "The Collective" with the general public.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news folks but simply by NOT accepting the OFT of 9/11, you are already discredited & discounted by the general public.

Do you really believe that Joe 6-Pack will only think you are totally, bark-at-the-moon crazy if you believe that no planes hit the WTC or that some type of exotic weaponry was used?

WAKE UP. Joe 6-Pack thinks that way about you for merely not believing that which he believes. I repeat, Joe 6-Pack thinks that about you for merely not believing that which he believes. I repeat, Joe 6-Pack thinks that about you for merely not believing that which he believes.

The fact that you don't believe the OFT of 9/11 is reason enough to label you a kook for the average person. They don't care about the the 'inconsistencies' & 'contradictions' put forth by the M$M. A vast majority of these people will NOT EVER be a part of "The Collective", as per the skeptics view, as they believe that they already know the truth about 9/11.

The GKs are swindling their flocks, by convincing them that they know 'whodunit' and that they supposedly have 'more than enough proof' to convict the 9/11 perps.

I'm calling BULLSHIT on them.

Can you please name ALL the people that "The Collective" has managed to have convicted by this 'proof' that they possess? Oh, nobody has been convicted. Well then just give me the names of all the perps awaiting trial. Oops, none of those either.

What an incredible 'sweep of justice' that "The Collective" has managed to accomplish in five and half years. Yep those, perps must be really fucking, quaking in their boots, knowing that "The Collective" will do NOT ONE THING to really pursue them.

There are at least two 'malaise' that "The Collective" suffers from; CaBeTH & KiTMeS.

CaBeTH is Cart Before The Horsiosis and KiTMeS is Kill The Messenger Syndrome.

The symptoms of CaBeTH are well known and can be described as those that profess to know 'whodunit' without being able to quantify on 'how' it was done.

Means. Motive. Opportunity.

Without knowing the exact means, one can only speculate on possible motive and opportunity and therefore by default, also can only speculate on 'whodunit'.

So maybe it's time to re-christen the 9/11 'truth' movement as the 9/11 'speculation' movement, as this would at least be much more honest as far as 'truth' is concerned.

The symptoms of KiTMeS are very easily observed, as they are mainly comprised of coordinated, ad hominem attacks against anyone that has the moxy to challenge the GKs doctrine dogma.

You can do an experiment on your own to see this phenomenon in action. It simply involves doing some Sacred Cow Tipping at any GK approved stomping grounds and you will soon find that you have become a pariah, an outcast, a social misfit.

I'm not going to bother naming the GKs that I am referring to here, as giving these bunch of con artists any publicity is a disservice, I simply ask that you watch for symptoms of CaBeTH & KiTMeS in your social circles, so that when you see a outbreak, you can at least avoid being infected yourself.

Also keep in mind that the CCTer$, most of which are supposedly V.I.P.s in the "Collective" are in it for the Benjamins, not the truth.

P.S. At least one of the more well known GKs has previously proposed that exotic weapons MUST HAVE BEEN USED on 9/11. If you want to know which one, email me and I will provide a link where you can hear this from the GK's own mouth before they flip-flopped on the issue.

GK: Gatekeeper, to qualify one must have CONTROL over a gate of some form (forum, radio show, high traffic website, etc.)
OFT: Official Fairy Tale, what the media told us
"The Collective": The 9/11 "truth" movement's hivemind mentality, where politically correct acceptance outweighs truth
CaBeTH: Cart Before The Horsiosis, malaise suffered by "The Collective"
KiTMes: Kill The Messenger Syndrome, malaise suffered by "The Collective"
CCT: Commercial Con$piracy Theori$t, anyone that is $elling the "truth" in part or whole

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

C'est la vie. has blocked access to the high quality MPEG network footage from September 2001. They have replaced the high quality videos with the steaming craptacular Flush™ err, streaming *cough* spectacular *cough* Flash™ video format.

I personally hope that someone with access to this footage will make the MPEG footage available to the public, maybe as .torrents to reduce the bandwidth requirements of the original file host.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

9/11 News Footage Available For Download

WARNING: These files are approximately 1 gigabyte each in size.

NBC News 4

ABC7 Washington


FOX5 Washington


CBS9 Washington

H/T to shure for compiling this extensive list.